Rose's legacy dresses

Photos by Olivia Mundwiler

a sentiment from doug:

"Summer started fast and hot this year in the Midwest and has been a stark reminder of the realities of climate change. It’s also been a big reminder of the changes we’ve been through here at Conscious Clothing over the past year. It’s been nearly a year since we’ve lost our beloved founder Rose Phillips to triple negative breast cancer.

She was a fiercely creative force with a passion for design and a love for this earth. As a creative, many things only ever existed in her mind, like an idea for a new dress or who it was that we got some amazing hand printed organic fabric from. This year has been a challenge to figure out all the things that were never put on paper.

While going through her sketch books and scraps of paper where a burst of inspiration was captured while dining out, we’ve uncovered lots of treasures. Including some funny caricatures we’ve all enjoyed. Near the back of a sketch book Rose kept near her bed, we discovered the last two designs she created. She left us with her patterns + two beautiful samples of the dresses. To celebrate this incredible human and share some of her love with you, we’re introducing the Rosie and the Lucy dresses.

As we’ve worked to carry on the invaluable mission of offering organic clothing and educating on the importance of being a part of the solution, we are humbled by the support from our community of like minded humans. Thank you for your support and for being a part of a system that’s better for everyone involved."

-Doug + The CC Team

Summer 2023

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