Ageless Style

Ageless Style


Meet Deb.

A truly timeless beauty from the core to the ends of her braids, we met Deb this summer and were inspired by her genuine demeanor and her effortless grace as she moves about the world. She raised her 10 (!!!!!) kids and went on to be a grandmother to 19_ and any woman who does that deserves a standing ovation! We got to hear about her roots and her heritage, her home-canned home-grown life in the woods only 20 minutes from our studio. She shared about her passion for reenactments, for travel, and is no stranger to cooking over the fire, pushing up her sleeves, and a good laugh.

One of our favorite things about shooting with Deb was that she embodied how ageless style can be. We love to show our products on diverse models for this very reason_ not only do we design for different bodies, but we believe that style and function don’t have to only fit into one generation. In featuring different bodies, we hope to break down preconceived ideas of what is culturally and socially accepted as “style” for different people & generations.

We featured long lines, a few sassy jumpsuits, and some of our newest designs on her, too. Made from the softest fleece ever (made from Hemp + Cotton ONLY - no plastics, poly, or synthetic material).

We already know we will be bringing Deb back again in the spring and we can’t wait.
Here’s to thinking outside the box!

Deb wears Coveralls.

Yes, yes she does. The Rosie Coveralls are just the best thing for a working, moving, living, breathing woman_ no matter what age. Lots of pockets and room to bend and move, we put these on Deb simply because they are so functional and so timeless. Shown here with our Riverside Scoop Top and a hand-dyed scarf.

Deb wears Black_

We paired our best-selling long-sleeved The Garden Top with our Sunset Pants for a seamless long-lined look. Black from head-to-toe is a classic vibe that we never tire of_ and she rocks it so well with her silver hair. And not to forget a pop of color (because, Deb!) we added the Studio Cardigan in Wheat with a hand-dyed scarf with notes of the sea + sky.


Deb and the Dress.

Shown here in two colorways, the Garden Maxi Dress is everything_ the sway of the heavier-weight linen as she moves and the way it pairs with so many other outer layers. Here we added our Timberline Cardigan and the new cropped Drifter Cardigan that we sewed fuzzy-side out. Long sleeves and pockets make this a cool weather go-to that can be warmed up with leggings underneath.


Deb and a Onesie.

Well, this went even better than we expected. Not only did she love the fit and comfort of our Evergreen Jumpsuit, but she was ready to take one home as a souvenir after the shoot. Our best fleece one-piece design yet_ the long lines of the side panels make the pockets still so functional without the bulk. We think her fantastic grin really makes the jumpsuit, don’t you? Shown here with our Riverside Scoop Top.


Deb and the Denim.

Whoa, mama. This is about as classy as they come. Made from our Organic Denim in Indigo, the Gallery Coat features a denim belt to keep the breeze out, giant pockets, and wide sleeves that layer over anything you wear underneath. Shown here with our Clara Top and our Union Pants, we love the simplicity and functionality of this denim jacket.


Deb and the Tunic.

New for Winter 2019_ our Timberline Tunic is sewn fuzzy-side out and offers the length you want in these cooler months. A turtleneck, cuffed sleeves that can be pushed up, and a curved bottom hem makes the back panel a little longer for full-coverage. We showcase this on Deb who could wear this when she’s outside stoking the fire or having dinner with friends. Cozy and classic, just the way we like it. Shown here with our Sunset Pants.


Deb and the Fleece Top.

The Northern Top is a brand-new addition to our line_ a boxy top that pairs over dresses, with pants or leggings, and is sewn fuzzy-side out for textural interest and added coziness, We added the cuffs to this design and can’t get enough- go ahead and push up your sleeves.


Deb and a Smock.

The beloved Snap Smock- one of our faves forever. This gem is available not only in linen, but in our heavy Organic Denim and is the most functional layer with deep pockets and durable brass snaps. We can practically see Deb foraging and filling the pockets with herbs and stones. Shown here with our thermal hand-dyed Camp Top and the Moscow Pants.


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