Our mission has always been more than making organic clothing you'll love

Helping to enrich the lives of those in our conscious community is our way of saying thank you for being a part of it.

Here you will find some amazing work of others making a difference.


  • Fibershed - Fibershed is a non-profit organization that develops regional fiber systems that build ecosystem and community health. An amazing organization with local chapters across the country. This is a really deep rabbit hole and we can't say enough good things about all their work. We recommend buying their book for a deeper understanding of all the links in the chain, from farmers to the producers and finally the consumers.
  • Crafted with Pride - An amazing source guide to "Made in the USA" apparel. They were kind enough to include us in their 2023 edition. You'll find all kinds of amazing brands made right here in the USA.
  • Black Girl's Sew - This nonprofit organization offers programs for kids and adults and have created an incredible book filled with projects patterns and history. There's nothing quite like it, and we love it.


  • The True Cost Movie - A must see for anyone who wares clothes. Get a deeper understanding of the issues we all face directly and indirectly from the fashion industry. Please watch!
  • The Need to GROW - Though not totally in our lane, this is an incredible documentary about the keys to sustainability and our soil. Deeply inspiring work we hope is the foundation for a new paradigm.


  • The Style Me Slowly Podcast This podcast focuses sustainable size inclusive brands. We did an interview with Marlee a while back and she's a fantastic resource.
  • The Good Dirt Podcast - This podcast from The Lady Farmer has some amazing discussions around slow living, food and clothing. We first met Emma, the daughter part of this mother-daughter podcast duo as a customer long ago.


  • Lucky Sweater - A community clothing swap in your pocket via the Lucky Sweater app. You can find gently used Conscious Clothing here!
  • We are Makers - An excellent magazine and podcast from Kate and Jack Lennie that explores the stories of makers and their craft. You'll discover all kinds of inspirational works from around the world.