Our designs are not defined by seasons and are timeless, with the slow fashion philosophy in mind. This means you can expect to get many more wears out of each garment, reducing your footprint.

All of our fabrics are pre-washed and dried to eliminate shrinkage. We do this to ensure that your hand made garment will be well loved wash after wash.

Our garments are made to order, so there is no dead stock. We strategically cut to reduce waste fabric as much as possible.

The scraps are used in our quilting kits, for shipping, and reused around the studio as well as in our homes for napkins, washcloths, & rags rather than simply being discarded.

All screen printing is done in-house with water based non-toxic ink. Our ink is heat set reducing the need for harsh chemicals in the fixing process.

We make our own tags-screen-printed and sewn in to each garment by hand.

We avoid using plastic in the manufacturing of our garments: We use metal snaps in place of plastic buttons, and metal rather than plastic zippers.

Our in-house production reduces the cost of shipping/transportation.

We use low impact dyes and we prewash our fabrics without harsh detergents or chemicals.

Our fabrics are all plant based and biodegradable. Most of our pieces can be discarded in your compost pile after their lifecycle.

Our shipping practices consist of recyclable materials- paper packaging, reused fabric and string. We encourage this packaging to be recycled or composted by the recipient.



European Linen- high quality 100% linen. Linen is made from the fiber of the flax plant. Linen is breathable, dirt repellent, doesn’t pill, and creates hardly any lint. It has a very low carbon footprint as it is 100% biodegradable.

Organic Cotton Denim - 100% organic cotton. No GMO, no pesticides, no dioxin, no formaldehyde, no polyester, no elastic. Sourced in Europe.

Hemp Jersey - Made from 55% hemp and 45% cotton, our hemp knit is plastic free and a great everyday fabric. Washes and wears well with the durability of hemp and the softness of cotton, this fabric will also break down completely after its lifecycle.

Hemp Fleece - 55% Hemp / 45% Organic Cotton. Our fleece is fully organic certified by IMO, Control Union, OCIA, NOP or Ecocert, as well as fair trade as certified with principles described by the Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production. The raw hemp for our fleece is sourced from China and the organic cotton is sourced from Turkey, India and China. All manufacturing of fabric takes place in China and India. Read more here.

Stretch Hemp- Used primarily in our yoga collection, our stretch hemp is a medium weight knit fabric. It is made of 53% hemp, 43% organic cotton and 4% lycra. The Lycra is added to the fabric to help retain its shape, making it an excellent choice for athletic apparel. Most athletic apparel is made from 100% polyester which is known to shed microplastics into the water when washed. We are happy to offer a more eco friendly alternative that still works out as hard as you do.