Quilt Box

Quilt Box

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In an effort to reduce waste and make our business even more sustainable, we are pleased to offer these unique Quilt Boxes, piled high with gorgeous organic fabric remnants from our studio.

Inside the recyclable and reusable box you will find a vast array of our fabrics- organic cotton and hemp jerseys, hand-dyed linen and gauze, organic denims, and high quality linen scraps. Each box contains about 30-40 individual pieces the size of your hand or larger.

All of the fabrics are up to the quality and standard of our sustainably-minded company. The hand-dyed pieces were dyed with low-impact dyes, and all of the fabrics have been pre-washed and dried.

Ways to use this box:

-linen napkins
-make a baby quilt
-combine with your own fabric stock to finish a full-sized quilt
-doll making
-embroidery samples
-sewing sample practice
-patch making

the possibilities are endless!

**please keep in mind that the quilt shown in the photos is an example for color and style reference. the quilt boxes are not pre-cut for an individual quilt, but rather a supply box to use for any number of projects.


Please select the "Quilt Box" shipping option when checking out. These boxes are heavier than an average package due to the density of fabrics within each box.

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