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Q: I'm not sure what size to choose?

A: My size chart can be found below.  There will be slight variances in every piece as with any handmade item

The actual garment measurements are listed in the descriptions.. The measurements are taken lying flat. We have tried to update each garment listing to include all of the ACTUAL measurements of each piece. Garments with sleeves also provide the measurements for the length of the sleeve (from shoulder to end of the sleeve), the width of the armhole (usually the widest part of the sleeve, where your upper arm and shoulder will rest) and the width of the cuff (usually the narrowest point of the sleeve, where your wrist will be).

Do not hesitate to contact me with sizing questions if you are unsure. 

This is a general guideline of my sizing. These are the actual measurements of your body, NOT the clothing so there is a bit of give here.


XS- size 0/2, bust 32-33, waist 25-26, hip 35-36

S- size 2/4, bust 34-36, waist 27-28, hip 36-38

M- size 6/8, bust 37-39, waist 29-30, hip 39-41

L- size 10/12, bust 40-42, waist 32-33, hip 42-44

XL- size 14/16, bust 43-45, waist 34-36, hip 45-46


Q: What types of fabrics do you use?

A: We use the most sustainable fabrics we can find! All of our clothing is made from organically grown natural fibers such as cotton, linen, and  hemp.

Hemp is one of the strongest fibers in the world and grows extremely fast in any kind of climate. It does not exhaust the soil, uses little water, and requires no pesticides or herbicides. Its skin is tough and insect resistant, and this is why often hemp is used as a rotation crop. Its fiber and oil can be used in making clothes, papers, building material, food, skin care products and even biofuels. No wonder it’s considered by many as the most versatile and sustainable plant on earth.

With high moisture absorbency, high heat conductivity, and excellent abrasion resistance, they can be made into beautiful, comfortable and long lasting clothes. The more you wash them, the softer they get!

Organic cotton is an ecologically responsible and green fiber. Unlike conventional cotton, which uses more chemicals than any other crop, organic cotton is never genetically modified and does not use highly polluting agro-chemicals such as those found in pesticides, herbicides and many fertilizers.  It is soft and gentle on your skin.

Linen fabrics are made with flax fibers. Flax is very similar to hemp in its growing and cultivating properties as well as its durability and wear.  Linen fibers are 100% biodegradable, they produce little to no lint, and can be worn year round.


Q: What kind of dyes do you use?

A: Many of my fabrics are hand dyed using low impact dyes. These are fiber reactive dyes that use a soda ash fixer and will not fade with wash. They differ from dyebath to dyebath however, so while you can be assured that the color is similar, the shades may range from dark to light. Dyeing is an art and the colors do vary from one dyebath to the next making it evermore unique. 
Also keep in mind that the colors of the actual garment may be different than how they look in the photos depending on your computer's resolutions.
Please wash hand-dyed garments separately in cold water as bleeding may occur the first few washes.



Q: Where is your clothing made?

A: All of our clothing is made by hand in our Michigan studio. We firmly believe in employing local people and keeping all of our production in the USA. Although many clothing companies have found lower cost labor in places like Nepal and China, we believe in hand made, small batch, and supporting our local communities and economy. This enables us to practice being as waste free as possible. We reuse all of our scraps for packaging and sell crafter boxes so you can be a part of the recycling process!


Q: What is your turn around time? When can I expect to receive my hand made garment?

A: Most items take about 2 weeks to dye, cut, sew, finish, and package. Some times of the year it may be closer to 3 weeks as orders increase.


Q: Do you wholesale?

A: Yes, please see the wholesale inquiry form found at the bottom of the website.


Q: How do I care for my handmade garment?

A: All of our fabrics have been pre-washed. This is an important step because your clothing is then cut from fabric that has been pre-shrunk. Most clothing companies do not take the extra time to wash all of the fabric before it reaches the consumers, and this results in poor fitting garments, shrinkage, and ultimately, more waste. By spending the extra time washing, drying and ironing our fabrics, we can ensure you are receiving a garment that will fit and be worn for years to come!

Clothing can be hand washed or machine washed on gentle with cold water to increase the dye longevity. Laying flat to dry is best.


Q: What if my clothing does not fit?

A:  Everyone knows shopping online can be tricky! We want you to have the most enjoyable experience when ordering from us and receive a garment you will wear and treasure for years to come. We work hard to provide all the garment measurements so you can make the most informed choices and we always welcome any size and fit questions you may have! 

When your garment reaches you and the fit is not quite right, we will happily do an exchange or alteration if possible. However, we do not accept returns. Please understand that your clothing is made for you when you order. This is part of a sustainable business model. We simply cannot afford to overproduce and our return policy helps deter shoppers from simply "trying on" and then returning as is the way of the fast fashion culture.

*Exchanges will NOT be processed without a receipt or packing slip included in the package.

When your return arrives at our facility, we will complete the exchange and ship it within 2 weeks. You will receive a tracking number when it ships. We appreciate your patience and mindfulness in waiting the allotted 2 weeks rather than contacting us for an update.


Please be sure to read my Terms and Conditions before ordering.


More questions? Please feel free to contact-  



 When you see our sizing, this is the guide we are using to provide you with accurate measurements. We ask that our customers measure from this guide when deciding which size to order, or for providing our Customer Service with exact measurements.

When you see our sizing, this is the guide we are using to provide you with accurate measurements. We ask that our customers measure from this guide when deciding which size to order, or for providing our Customer Service with exact measurements.