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If you follow The White Farm House Blog on instagram, you are familiar with the beautiful, farm lifestyle she portrays. Pulling up to Morgan’s charming home, was basically like walking into her feed. We were greeted by a sweet, fluffy dog, Wyatt, we were barely in the door when Morgan offered us freshly baked scones and coffee. Her two sweet toddlers, Auburn and Gus bustled about, while Morgan made her favorite holiday potpourri. Morgan is mama, a nurse, a blogger, a wife, an influencer, a farm hand and a true lifestyle brand. She is also one of the kindest and most humble humans I’ve ever met. Morgan embodies the Conscious Clothing woman. She is a strong woman with deep values. She cares about quality and respects the earth, and she instills those values in her children. We are honored that Morgan not only invited us into her home and allowed the talented Amy Carroll to capture a snapshot of her life and family, but she also sat down for an interview.

Morgan wears:  Garden Dress  +  Alpine Cardigan

CC: Tell us a little bit about your story. 

Morgan: Well it all started when i married the boy next door. Then we bought the house in the middle. yes, you heard that. We live smack dab in the middle between my family's farm and my husbands family farm. We lived there a year before one night at dinner my hubby decided to rip down the panty in the kitchen to show me the brick chimney running through the center. And that right there, is when it all began. Boy if i knew than what i know now..... one year later we remolded the home all ourselves. 

CC: What does a typical day in the life look like?

Morgan: Motherhood/working mamma.  I am an RN working three days a week ripping those poor babes out of bed those early morning before rushing to work.  The days are long, but its only three days I tell myself. 

CC: You are a working mom with two small kiddos, a blogger and keep an impeccable space! How do you do it all?

Morgan: Well, you don’t find me sitting often. But thats okay! I love it that way.  I loved being involved with my work and our kids.  And of course I love rearranging the home and always imaging spaces and making a comfortable home for my family. 

The White Farmhouse Blog for Conscious Clothing
Morgan wears  Georgia Dress

Morgan wears Georgia Dress

CC: You make farm life look so dreamy. What do you love about farm life? Tell us about the less glamorous parts?

Morgan: It is hard. Just because its negative 10 degrees doesn’t mean you can stay inside. Everyone still needs water and food, fresh bedding. 

The White Farmhouse Blog for Conscious Clothing

CC: Do you have any "mom hacks" you want to share?

Morgan: If you're spending hours upon the day picking up and moving things, before you even have time to clean i do believe it is best to look at all those things and have less of those things. 

CC: As you know, Conscious Clothing is all about being conscious about our consumption and how we interact with the earth. How do incorporate eco or sustainability practices into your life? How do you pass those values along to your kids?

Morgan: I grew up on a farm and learned quality or quantity from the start.  I went through a stage of wanting everything trend or the next best thing, and shorty there later found it all to be the biggest waste. 

CC: Your beautiful instagram feed makes it look like you have mastered the art of slow living. Is social media a total lie or do you have tips on moving toward a slower, more intentional lifestyle. 

Morgan: LOL! social media sure is a funny thing isn’t it? Whether it’s trying to be intentional with the family or with my kids, I feel the same regarding social media. It’s a tool. and yes we all love IG and Pinterest to keep a running list of my dream projects, BUT I need to have boundaries. I can't keep dreaming for the next thing, but need to be present. My best tips towards being content, is finding happiness at home and with yourself. Comparison that comes from this thing called social media is a real thing. If you're checking social media before bed and the first thing when you wake up before greeting your kids or spouse you may be in that death trap that captures most of us all. You will find you are more present and intentional when you aren't spending so many minutes an hour checking those things. 

CC: You are a fellow West Michigander, do you have any favorite places or things to do in Michigan?

Morgan: My favorite things are to get take out pizza from a local bakery in Symra, Michigan with their homemade peanut butter bars, rent a movie, and stay home as a family. 

The White Farmhouse Blog for Conscious Clothing
The White Farmhouse Blog for Conscious Clothing
Morgan wears:  Garden dress  + apron (coming soon)

Morgan wears: Garden dress + apron (coming soon)

CC: Favorite holiday recipes? 

Morgan: Christmas potpourri cooking on the stove. 

1/2 cup fresh cranberries

1 orange sliced

4 cinnamon sticks

1 tablespoon cloves

1/8 teaspoon nutmeg

2-3 cups water

- combine ingredients in a small pot and simmer over low heat for as long as designer. Add more water if it gets low and enjoy the holiday scent!

CC: What are your favorite pieces in the Conscious Clothing collection?

Morgan: The Garden Linen Dress, Frida Top, and the Alpine Cadigan

The White Farmhouse Blog for Conscious Clothing


photos by Amy Carroll