Microplastics & Yoga Wear

Our Yoga Collection inspires us to think about the sustainability of our planet and our bodies — here’s why:

The components listed on your clothing tag tell you everything about not only what you’re putting next to your skin (your biggest organ!), but also what you’re putting into your drinking water, your oceans, and your food.

Danielle Radulski ( @danielle_radulski ) flowing beautifully in our Element Hemp Yoga Shorts + Element Hemp Bralette

Here’s what we know:

1) Synthetic fibers (polyester, nylon, acrylic) end up “shedding” microplastics with wash and wear. Microplastics are extremely small fragments that pollute air and water, small enough to pass through filters and even membranes in the body. These synthetic fibers make up over 60% of fabrics and clothing in today’s fashion industry, not to mention the other countless plastics that are introduced into water through rubber tires, straws, disposable food containers and bags. Read more…

2) We drink lots water, bathe in lots of water, and in general, are major consumers of the world’s limited fresh water supply. This is contaminated every time clothing with microplastics is laundered. The Guardian estimates that the laundering process is contributing to over 9,000-32,000 tons of microplastics being introduced into our fresh water sources annually. Read more…

3) Machine washing a single product with synthetic fibers can release thousands of microfibers that may eventually end up in our oceans. Read more…

4) On a large scale, the floating garbage patch (in the ocean between California & Hawaii) contains 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic. On a smaller scale, on every continent, scientists have found plastic microfibers in human feces. From supermarket food packaging to the seafood we ingest, these particles will eventually make their way into our bloodstream — affecting liver function and our gut and digestive health. Read more…

So, what does Conscious Clothing have to do with it?

We ethically source our fabrics and make sure we aren’t wasting anything we don’t have to — all of our scraps are re-used and repurposed with our intentional shipping and studio practices (read more about our sustainability).

We know that what we put on our bodies, especially our clothing, matters. We pride ourselves on having cared about the process as much as the final product for over 15 years of business.

We highlight our yoga collection, because we know that sweating opens our pores to whatever is on our skin. We want to make sure that when you bend and move in our leggings, shorts, bralettes, and tanks, that you’re keeping synthetics and toxins to a minimum.

We see the facts we mentioned earlier as a call to action to keep being vocal about why we care about our sustainability practices and why you should care about what you purchase, what you fill your body with, and to bring awareness to every facet of your life.

Check out our Yoga Wear - completely durable, stretchy , and built to move with you and also keep our environment in tact.

We have reduced your exposure to synthetic microplastics and helping you to make a more sustainable choice by offering you a yoga collection that contains only 4% Lycra (a synthetic fiber that adds elasticity).

Each yoga garment contains of 53% Hemp, 43% Organic Cotton, and 4% Lycra.