Growing Pains

Nobody says growing is easy, and the truth of the matter is…we feel it now more than ever.

As our Instagram following nears the 40k mark (Who us? What? How?) we reflect on where this all began, what we care about, and how all that translates. It is important for you to recognize how it all came to be as we reflect on why we started using sustainable fabrics from the beginning. (If you want to read our brand story, check out this post.)


With growing awareness of the inconsistencies in the fashion industry and how our precious resources on this planet are constantly changing, we see the demand for sustainably-made and organic clothing growing exponentially. At the forefront of the movement for over 16 years, we have gone from being a small household/local company to shipping our clothing all over the world: raising awareness and standards for slow fashion. With that momentum, we are getting louder and stronger with our presence in the handmade sustainable fashion industry. We have built a community around the fabrics, the lifestyle of the eco-conscious, and bringing awareness to what it means to minimize waste and our footprint.

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Ethical Fashion is not without its heartbreak. We are privy to the market in a completely different way as we look at how much it costs to source our fabrics, pay for the talent and labor it requires to make everything intentionally, minimize waste, and to continue to protect our resources: like water, raw materials, and human hands.

This is our way of acknowledging those of you for following along for so many years of our brand journey and watching it evolve and also recognizing that every step of growth means we have to figure out to how to pay for it, make it better and more consistent, and also continue to provide you with products that we believe in and that we can stand behind.

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Images from our former Lookbooks - Fall 2017 + Fall 2018.