Five Ideas For Being More Mindful in the New Year

Mindfulness. Is there any more buzzed about word in the zeitgeist? For good reason: we are on the go, multi-tasking, multi-layered beings these days. We have to-do lists a mile long, messages popping up on phones constantly and social media integrated into our everyday. It’s hard to combat the distractions in the new reality we live in, and often hard to separate ourselves from the “busy”. Here are five ways we are practicing mindfulness in 2019.

5 Ideas to be more mindful

1. Put down the phone

  • iPhones now come with a default setting to report your screen time. It is eye opening to look at that number. Use your current number as your baseline and make a goal to lower from there

  • Consider putting your your phone on airplane mode or in a drawer for a few hours each evening.

2. Say “no”

  • Exercise your power to say “no.” Ask yourself it the invitation or job or extra cookie will make you happy or if it’s worth the trade off. If the answer is no, skip it. Instead do something that will lift you up.

3. Meditate

  • Find what works for you. If you haven’t tried an app. we suggest starting with Headspace, Insight Timer or the quarterly released free experiences with Deepak Chopra

  • If those are too advanced, start with pairing a breathing exercise with part of your daily routine. Perhaps you take three deep belly breaths before you walk out the door each morning, or set a two minute time to focus on breathing before you go to bed.

4. Journal

  • This may sound overwhelming, but the practice of writing down one sentence, or perhaps the high point of a day can go a long way. It forces you to savor those special moments a little longer, if you have an extra delicious latte, you may store that moment away to write it down as a high point in your day.

  • If calling it “journaling” isn’t for you, maybe a “thought download” is what you need. A thought download is the practice of writing down everything good and bad that’s swirling around in your brain in moments of anxiety or overwhelm. Acknowledge the thoughts and bring gratitude to the forefront.

5. Listen to Music

  • Podcasts are a wonderful way to entertain or inform ourselves while multi tasking, focusing on listening can be draining, especially if the topic is on the heavier side. Choose music that uplifts you and allows your brain to enter the flow state.

Do you have any favorite mindfulness practices?