Fall fabrics made to suit

by Joshua Newman

Fall is here. The end of Labor Day turns our attention to the leaves as we anticipate their brilliant show of color. Some of us scramble to squeeze last-minute outdoor adventures into the warm weather, and others are quick to reach for knits and mulled wine. While the battle of the seasons is never over, autumns arrival is inevitable and stunning. If you don’t live somewhere where the leaves change, taking a trip just to see it would be worth it. Yellows, reds, and oranges rise over rooftops in a display that’s as stunning as a sunset.

Places like Michigan require a keen knowledge of layers to build clothing ensembles that allow for the addition and removal of items, all while maintaining a uniform style. As autumn/winter fashion shows approach their dates on the calendar, many people are eager to grow their wardrobes with new styles and are excited to layer lush knits with stiff wool tweed. Although style, fads, and trends will be the focus of the major fashion shows to come, we at Conscious Clothing remember that durability and natural quality are as imperative to the fashion landscape as the trends.

Just in time for the fall fashion frenzy is our new autumn lineup which features natural minimalism that sews mindfulness and taste together. This week, we’re going to highlight a few of our favorite new items and  information about their production.

Our Denim Kimono Jacket wraps and ties to fit your unique body shape. The 100% organic cotton is a heavy denim weave for ultimate durability and a crisp drape. The fabric is produced by an amazing company called Rawganique without the use of pesticides, and is dyed naturally without chemical mordants or fixatives. The non-GMO cotton plants are raised in Europe and woven without the use of sweatshops and other forced human labor.

The Eclipse Parka is a more casual outerwear option for those looking to stay warm and dry this autumn. The waist tie not only keeps out those chilly drafts, but helps hug at the midline for your ideal fit. The shell is composed of a unique hemp/wool blend that combines the durability and breathability of hemp with the softness of cotton and the weight of wool. Available in navy and black, this jacket stays the chill without holding the damp, and hangs to the thigh to keep the draft away from your waistline.

The Selene Silk Wrap Dress uses a wrap and tie fixture to make sure all body types fit just the way they should. The Selene uses a simple design, but pairs it with luxurious raw silk for an elegantly adorable knee-length wrap dress. Raw silk is a much more sustainable alternative to regular silk that forgoes chemical refining process and embraces the beauty of nature’s imperfection. Silk is incredibly resistant to both pilling and static, unlike many synthetic fabric options, and is incredibly thin when compared to other natural fibers. Despite the thinness, this fabric is surprisingly well insulated for when those summer nights shift to autumn ones.

These light, breathable pants utilize a wrap and tie waistline that allow a customizable fit higher or lower at the wearer’s discretion. The textured cotton is both visually and tactually engaging, made of medium wight, ultra-soft cotton that has a light drape and moisture-wicking breathability.

The New Moon Tunic is the perfect layering staple that pairs seamlessly with your favorite slim leg or stands alone as a cute shirt dress. The lightweight tunic is the perfect base layer for your autumn lineup coming in a variety of colors and even two different fabrics. Available in our raw silk, this tunic sheens brilliantly and drapes with the breeze. As a new addition to our fabrics, the New Moon Tunic is also available in herb and fog Tencel. Tencel, known generically as Lyocell, is similar to rayon in the way it uses cellulose from plants to build a fiber. However, lyocell uses a different spinning technique that is much more sustainable to produce. In addition, Lyocell is lightweight, but more durable than other cellulosic fibers and is known for being soft and lustrous.

These garments were created with the intention of providing strong, stylish clothing at the smallest possible cost to the Earth. At Conscious Clothing, we take advantage of nature’s materials, and avoid polluting them with unnecessary chemical dyes or treatments because clothing has an intimate relationship to your skin. We want our clothes to fit many body types, and our new fall collection takes advantage of wrap-style garments to allow for the most customizable fit possible.

“These garments were created with the intention of providing strong, stylish clothing at the smallest possible cost to the Earth.”

Humans can never be better designers than nature, but we can take what nature’s given us and produce products that are conscious not just about what looks and feels good, but also of the costs to our planet as we use its resources. We strive to take advantage of renewable materials that will outlast the trends of fast fashion, and to mold nature’s materials into a variety of clothing options that you not only feel good in, but feel good about.

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