Weekly Wear: Spring Transitions

The middle of May is always a tricky part of the season. The mornings are still cool but the afternoons are hotter than ever! It can be tough figuring out what to wear these days. How can you stay comfortable all day when there is such a range in the weather?

We love our Backyard Tunic for its versatility!

Backyard Jumpsuit in Sage, Dropcloth Shawl in Charcoal

In the morning, pair your jeans with the Backyard Tunic and add a scarf, like our Dropcloth Shawl! It's just the right amount of cozy and comfortable for a cool spring morning. We paired it all with mules to complete the look. Cute and casual, but put together.

Backyard Tunic in Sage, styled with mules and a sunhat

In the afternoon when the sun gets stronger, simply take off your jeans and wear the Backyard Tunic as a dress! Keep the mules, ditch the scarf, roll up the sleeves a bit, and add a sunhat! Your look has transformed, you won't overheat, and you can even wear it through the rest of the afternoon and into the evening for a dinner date (but maybe keep your scarf around when the sun goes down!)

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