Weekly Wear: May Flowers

Spring is finally, undoubtedly here!!! It's time to get out into the yard (or community plot) and tend to those flowers (and food, and herbs, oh my!)

We love wearing Conscious Clothing for gardening because linen is the ideal fabric for sweating, moving, and getting dirty. It's highly absorbent and ultra quick-drying, so sweat will evaporate off of the body easily and keep you cool. The fibers are durable but pliable, so you'll never feel constricted in our linen clothing - plus, we design our styles with COMFORT in mind! And linen fibers repel dirt, so your linen garments will be easier to clean, and won't get as dirty to begin with!

Snap Smock in Ginger, Backyard Jumpsuit in Olive

What's easier than throwing on your roomiest, comfiest jumpsuit to get ready for a day of digging, weeding, and transplanting? Our Backyard Jumpsuit was aptly named for yardwork! The style itself isn't restricting, but the snap closure and slight scoop neckline stays put so that you won't be bothered when you're bending over your plants. Plus, it's a great style to wear out and about in case you need to take a lunch break, or run out to the garden supply store!

The Snap Smock was designed for gardeners in mind! The big, sturdy pockets are perfect for small tools and all of your seed packets! Plus, it's a handy layer in case the breeze picks up and a cloud moves in front of the sun for a little while..

Pair with your gardening shoes, or your old Birkenstocks, and you have an instant gardening look!

Backyard Jumpsuit
from 195.00
Snap Smock
from 165.00